Recent Advances in Photonics and Physical Sciences

March 29-30, 2021
GC Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
(virtual conference)

The vision & scope of International iiScience Conference encompasses interdisciplinary & inclusive program in Physical Sciences and various intertwined branches. The conference would provide a forum for academic & industry scientists, engineers and practitioners for sharing research and development experiences to educate and nurture the young generation. Keeping Light and Energy as thematic focus, various branches of physical sciences span and complement the Research & Development worldwide. It encompasses variety of materials including semiconductors for electronics, photonics, solar energy-harvesting and energy storage; fundamental light-matter interactions and applications science pertaining to a variety of phenomena.  Those may include experimental findings along with their applications in emerging technological to address the needs of humanity at local and global levels such as application of UV-light sources in disinfection to inhibit the viral outgrowth and harmful microbes.


The event will bring together experimentalists, theorists, mathematicians and info-scientists on a common platform to inspire and share state of the art research and development. It would cover high-tech Photonic Materials from the perspective of  Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences  and resulting applications in information science and impact on human lives and environment. Up to 5 to 6-pages original contributed papers and 4-page summary poster and PhD Forum papers are solicited. A poster paper(s) competition will also be held among  graduate students for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position prizes, ($200, $100 & $50), respectively.