Authors Instructions

The submission and review of technical papers will be handled by the conference’s paper submission and review system (Easychair), accessible from the website. Submitted papers must contain original work that has not been previously published or presented elsewhere. All full-length reviewed papers accepted and presented at iiScience 2019 will be published in the conference proceedings on CD and SPIE Library. At least one author must pre-register for the conference, paying the full registration fee, in order to have their paper included on conference USB and submitted to SPIE. During the acceptance process, the corresponding author should identify the presenter of the paper. 

Follow SPIE templates for writing your papers. Please note that your manuscript must follow SPIE guidelines.

Papers should be 4-5 pages in length.

All submissions will be handled online via paper submission and review system (Easychair).

Note: All papers submitted for review must have less than 19% plagiarism score using a standard plagiarism detection software (Turnitin or iThenticate). Please ensure that your paper qualifies before submission. Papers found to be plagiarized will be immediately removed from the conference.

Steps to follow for submission

Step 1:

Download respective SPIE template for Word or Latex.

Step 2:

Format your Abstract for your paper using the template.
Note: You are only submitting the abstract at this point. Full paper submission will be required once abstract is accepted and paper is presented at the conference.

Step 3:

Click here to upload your paper on Easychair for review.

Once the paper is accepted, follow the following steps

Once the paper is accecpted:

  1. Submit final version to the following SPIE link
    (SPIE submission link: TBA)
  2. Submit final version to EasyChair
    (EasyChair submission link: login to your EasyChair account to submit final manuscript)

Paper will be considered submitted once it is submitted to both SPIE and EasyChair.