Call For Papers (CFP)

Authors are invited to submit Research & Development and Concept Papers presenting original research work related to the practice and theory consistent with the scope of iiScience thematic areas. Related proposals for Workshops and Tutorials will also be considered. All submissions must describe original and pertinent research, development, and future vision. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the ones listed below.

Emerging Trends in Industrial Chemistry
Applied/Industrial/Polymer/Textile Chemistry, Composite Materials

Nanoscience & Materials Chemistry
Inorganic/Nano Chemistry

Challenges & Goals of Environmental & Green Chemistry
Environment and water Purification

Photonics & Optoelectronics
Physical/ Computational Semiconductors, including dielectrics, metallic,
organic materials, optoelectronic devices, light-production, control and applications.
Electron-photon interactions at Fundamental level with quantum phenomena and effects

Food, Natural Product & Biotechnology
Organic/Medicinal/Natural Product Chemistry Biotechnology/ Food,
Bio/Nutritional/Food/Agricultural Chemistry

Recent Advances in Nuclear Science and Radiology
Radiation, Nuclear Chemistry, Photochemistry

Physicochemical Sciences in Pharmaceutical
Drug Discovery and Delivery, Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacophore

Trends in Quantum Mechanics
High-tech materials, Semiconductors, nanomaterials including dielectrics,
metallic, inorganic and organic materials, optoelectronic devices, light-
production, control and applications. Electron-photon interactions at
Fundamental level with quantum phenomena and effects.

Regular contributed papers should be limited 4 to 5-pages in length. Posters will be accompanied by a poster summary which will only be published in conference proceedings.

These topics should be discussed in terms of research findings, concepts, state-of-the-art, standards, implementations, developments, field trials/experiments, educational goals, and new applications. Submitted or substantially similar papers must not be under review currently for any other publication. Accepted and Presented Papers will be Published in Proceedings

For details about paper submission, please visit Authors Instruction page.