Poster Competition

Posters will be accompanied by poster summaries which will be published in conference proceedings however these will not be submitted to SPIE.

You are encouraged to submit progress on your research work as a poster in order to get comments and suggestions from the attendees and delegates.

A poster paper(s) competition will be held for graduate students.

1st Prize: $200
2nd Prize: $100
3rd Prize: $50

Winners will be announced at the end of the conference.

Instructions for Poster

Students are encouraged to present, in the form of a poster display, their original research work, that may still be in progress, showing latest results and findings.
Follow these steps for creating posters:
Standard Size for all posters is 3ft (length ) x 2ft (width)
The poster should give a clear idea about the project. Following heads may be used to present the concept:
-Problem statement
-System Model
-Problem addressed and features of the solution

The poster must have following sections:
-Top – Title of the project
-Center – Introduction/Block Diagrams/Architecture/Graphs/
Bottom Right – Names of the Project Members and Project Faculty Advisor Committee

Don’t put too much text in the poster
It should be attractive and should reflect creativity.